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Who tealBAG are:

TealBAG Brand/Company belong promoMakerMart Trading Co., Limited, which has years experience cover lot kinds of promotion gifts.

Different from our parent company, TealBAG has been concentrating all efforts on customizing real-durable promotion BAGS for brand-spread requiring companies and organizations. May like you:)

Contact us:)

Lynn Song     Founder/Director

Email:  lynn@tealbag.com ; support@tealbag.com

Phone: 008618657219949 (24X7hrs all time )

Add:  Room 920-919, JCIC Plaza, No. 1218, 2nd Ring East Road, Huzhou city, 313000, Zhejiang,China

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What tealBAG devote ourselves to:


   What the dilemmas/problems of the promotional gifts you had handed out?

  • “The logo area was too tiny.”
  • “The gifts we got were rubbish in quality, people threw away before use them long enough”
  • “The gifts were lacking in strength in brand spreading.” 
  • “Our AD budget doesn’t plan to go to great expense of offering promotion gifts.”
  • […]

Have you also had similar bad feelings when you handed out promotion gifts to your target crowd, wished the gifts with your logo-on could be long-loved and show on public here and there frequently?

Are you satisfied with the effort you got?

Not good promotional gift

●Which kind of gifts will support your marketing plan practically great?↓


Base on many years experience of working on promotion gifts area, we finally found Bag is one of the best options. Like drawstring bags, shopping bags, GYM bags…

Different with other daily use promotion gifts, bags are comparatively large to display your logo and frequently to show your brand anywhere your bag-messengers go.

Not good promotional gift


Not all of them!

Your gift-beneficiaries may also have felt hard to find a clear reason to keep and use your bag.

Cheap-quality bags are being thrown into the trash every second, together with your marketing plan and your AD-cost.

“Lacking of durable” and “Not comfortable enough user-experience” remain two of the biggest obstacles to economic promotion bags.

This is, in fact, a ture depreciation of your AD expense’ value.

throw the bad bags to trashbad bag sample


tealBAG was born to defeat these 2 problems!

  • “Lacking of durable”
  • “Not comfortable enough user-experience” 

Here are few part of what we make durable happen:

  • Adding end-clip at each end of drawstring bag’s cord to against cord-loosing-issue.
  • Using 20S thicken thread instead of 40s or 60s normal one.
  • Using 5 stitching technology for hem, instead of normal level. For safe jumbo capcity
  • Using thicker cord 6+mm instead of 4mm normal option for kid bags, to protect their delicate skin.
  • Using 90gsm,100gsm non woven fabric instead of normal 80gsm option. To improve its loading capacity.
  • Using 100%-cotton cotton-fabric instead of 65%cotton+35%polyester “cotton-fabric” for even more comfortable UE.
  • Using digital printing art for air permeable user experience in large size’s graphic-design printing.

All we have been doing are for helping your bag keeper to make a quick and happy pick-up between your bag and other bags. Offer them one more unquestionable reason to prefer your bags, and prefer them in long-term:) Then your bag’s marketing life and their marketing effort will be surely doubled and ensured.

The core of tealBAG business

It is a looooong-list, which includes all the tips how we convert the wrong into right, improve the good to better, better to even better. Very detailed experience, quality standard, operating methods and etc are involved in.

You can consider it as our summary of years’ experience, thinking, and exploration in this exact area. We have never stopped keeping in close touch with our own customers, also their end-user markets, and the big promo bag market as well. Mistakes, pities and also expects from these markets are all what we treasure very much. These voice guide us to where we worth going and need to go. Some have been adjusted, some improved, some can be done even better, and some can be offered in another new way and outstanding. We are always on the way of learning, feeling, thinking, improving and explorateing…. May just like you:)

So, if you are planning to widely spread your brand, making a bigger world to know and to remember your company longer and deeper, then here, tealBAG will be one of your right supporters if you need real welcome promo bags, which people will really love, love to use, so frequently showed in public again and again 🙂

Any questions, suggestions, plans about your bags, you know we are always ready for you!