How to identify Cotton Fabric

2 question: Is your cotton promotion bag really made of 100% cotton fabric? Is the fabric you call COTTON really cotton component? In fact, fabrics we always call them "cotton fabric" have kinds. Part are 100% cotton, and the rest is cotton +polyester. For example, 65% cotton +35% polyester, which is also a very welcome cotton fabric as the material of promotion bags' customizing. What the difference between them? The 100% cotton fabric has much higher UE,  lower water shrinkage, outstanding air permeability. And, if you want your cotton bag get dyed, then 100% cotton is the only good option. Instead, 65% cotton +35% polyester fabric is not good at above, but it is even more durable, and a bit more economy in cost. So there is no better-fabric, just a right and suitable fabric. All depends on your marketing plan, right? Now, when you plan is clear, and you know [...]

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