How to identify Cotton Fabric

2 question: Is your cotton promotion bag really made of 100% cotton fabric? Is the fabric you call COTTON really cotton component?

In fact, fabrics we always call them “cotton fabric” have kinds. Part are 100% cotton, and the rest is cotton +polyester. For example, 65% cotton +35% polyester, which is also a very welcome cotton fabric as the material of promotion bags’ customizing.

What the difference between them?

The 100% cotton fabric has much higher UE,  lower water shrinkage, outstanding air permeability. And, if you want your cotton bag get dyed, then 100% cotton is the only good option.

Instead, 65% cotton +35% polyester fabric is not good at above, but it is even more durable, and a bit more economy in cost.

So there is no better-fabric, just a right and suitable fabric. All depends on your marketing plan, right? Now, when you plan is clear, and you know which cotton fabric is right,  how to check and identify them in the bag order you have just placed?

If you are trying to only use your eyes, it will be pretty hard. But how to identify a piece of cotton fabric’s component when we always don’t carry any big machine with us?  The answer is using FIRE! It is much easier for us to find a lighter than to find a scientific machine, right?:)

So, find a lighter, and burn the fabric. You will have a clear judgment.

The experimental phenomena when burning a piece of 100% cotton fabric is different from the phenomena when a cotton +polyester fabric burning. And also, the burned-result will also be different.

When a 100% cotton fabric IS burning, it will have very light smoke. Instead, a 65% cotton +35% polyester “cotton fabric” a make heavy smoke.

And a 100% cotton fabric will almost leave nothing after burned. But the cotton+polyester ones will result hard scraps.

Below is the test tealBAG had did, you will have a clear view:)

100% COTTON ↓

>>only LIGHT SMOKE when it’s burning.↓

When 100% cotton burning

>>Black HEAVY  SMOKE when it’s burning.↓

When 65% cotton + 35% POLYESTER fabric burning

>>NOTHING LEFT after burned.↓

after 100% cotton fabric burned

>>SOME RESIDUE left after burned.↓

after 65% cotton + 35% POLYESTER fabric burned
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